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How it Works

Our EAP service is one of a kind. 

Rather than promoting self-serve options, we focus on connecting people with therapists & doctors for ongoing 1:1 support. 

Staff opt in

We launch with a short live virtual event and send activation links to everyone. Staff opt in takes less than 30 seconds.  

We connect via SMS

We have conversations with every user. We dive deep to customize our support. We line up anything they need. Then we stay in touch.

We support HR

We provide regular reports & insights. We line up really great wellness Lunch'n'Learns and we provide portals & communiqués.

Healthcare team
Comprehensive wellness care

The Result


Of staff use our service regularly

Our proactive approach matching users with experienced therapists for organic conversation has resulted in exponentially higher usage

We Cover Everything Wellness 

Mental Health Support

Financial & Career Support

Physical Health Support

Specialty Support

Psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers and specialists equipped and experienced to address the full spectrum of challenges with CBT, EMDR and dozens of other specialized approaches. 

Independent financial advisors educate people on the basics of financial management & wealth building. This includes proactive financial wellness training & education.

Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Dieticians and Naturopaths standing by to help diagnose and resolve any physical issues (from ankle sprains to migraines to weight loss).

Sleep specialists, migraine specialists, ergonomic experts and naturopaths who consult on hormone imbalances. Our in-house provider team takes care of these issues and a variety more. 

Questions We Get Often

What exactly is covered?

Unlimited use of the hotline. Unlimited conversation with your triage doctor/therapist. Up to 6 complimentary consultations with mental health providers, including specialists. 

How much does it cost?

$4/per person per month. $2 for part time employees. 

No up-sells, no add-ons, no increases at renewal. 

What isn't covered?

Long-term support. 

Should users want to continue with their provider beyond the covered sessions, they can pay and use benefits coverage. 

Can we therapy outside the EAP?


A critical shortcoming of typical EAPs is the inability to continue therapy once a relationship has been established. We strongly believe this is important. Mental health is not something we 'fix' in 3-6 sessions. We ensure all our mental health providers keep availability to offer clients who want long-term support. 

Do we offer webinars?

We enthusiastically facilitate quarterly wellness webinars hosted by the best presenters on our provider team. We custom tailor sessions for all our clients. We specialize in nuanced mental health topics. 

Do we provide reports?


One month after launch, then quarterly or annually (whichever is requested). We include usage data and qualitative insights to help the people team. 

Do we offer in-person service?

Yes. In most Canadian cities. 

Can we support US & International staff?

Yes. We effectively provide all the same services to international staff. The only difference is that when we make outside referrals, we make sure the providers we refer to are approved in their region. 

Want to see our comprehensive list of services?

Click here to download

What We Believe is Important in an EAP

Great portals and apps and resources are only worth the money if people use them. The reality is that most Canadian companies see less than 10% usage of their EAP - but more than 40-50% of your staff need some support at any given time. 

We start with connection and conversation. The resources come in where they are needed. 

For leaders looking for an app or platform to help them check a box, we are not the right choice. We work for leaders who care to find the best way to support their staff meaningfully.  

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