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Why Recharge

A video call with a therapist
A happy employee

Because getting 1:1 help from an experienced human is ALWAYS better than a passive digital resource. 



Big Corporate EAPs

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Modern Digital EAPs




Recharge EAP

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What Makes the Difference


We start conversations

We reach out to every user when they sign up. We skip the inbox and chat by text. Our experienced clinicians keep it organic, no scripts or automation. 


Our therapists are really good

We recruit experienced providers who have proven themselves capable and competent. We pay our mental health providers 2x what the larger EAPs pay.


We take care of US staff

We manage the complexities required to take care of the staff our Canadian clients have abroad. It's not easy but it's important. 


We always follow up

This isn't a service that forgets about you. Once you sign up and are matched with a therapist, they stick with you indefinitely. They'll follow up after any conversation, referral or recommendation. 


We offer a lot for free

Premium reporting, onsite services and wellness Lunch'n'learns are all part of the deal. No additional fees. And we guarantee never to raise our fees once a contract is signed.  


We cater to the SME

Most of our clients have between 50-600 staff. We specialize is giving premium service to smaller groups (as opposed to offering affordable service at scale)

Our Comprehensive Services List

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