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EAP Booster 

Keep your current EAP.
Boost utilization 2-4x.

Employees have stress.
You pay for an EAP. 

Let's get them using it.

Low utilization has been the standard experience companies have with EAPs. Even with new innovative digital platforms, few people seek out the support.

We bridge the gap between stressed people and the support they have. We do this through earnest personal conversation. Confidential text message conversations between our therapists and your staff. 

Our triage team reaches out to your staff proactively

We spark engagement levels up to 65%

We start organic conversations and people respond. We find out what people want and match them with the specific resources they need. You'll be impressed with the significant uptick in EAP usage.

How it works


Our doctors & therapists start an SMS conversation with each user that opts in. We listen, find out what they care about, then triage them to the best resources available.


We collect the usage data, impact analysis and qualitative insights and share them with your team. We also offer to collaborate directly with your benefits brokerage. 


You'll see improved usage rates from your EAP, increasing the value. 


Ask your broker about integrated invoicing


$1.22 CAD per person per month

United States

$1.44 USD per person per month

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