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Embracing the Babble of Diversity





About the Course

The number of terms being bandied about in the Diversity and Inclusion space can be intimidating – cultural appropriation, LGBTQ2S+, cis-gendered, heteronormative, micro-aggressions, etc.  This presentation helps clarify what is being talked about while making the evidence-based case that diverse teams and organizations are more productive and creative.  This presentation makes the business case for diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Your Instructor

Dr Helgi Eyford

Dr Helgi Eyford is a PhD Diversity educator. He has worked as a schoolteacher in Colombia, a community development worker in Indigenous communities within Canada, a university lecturer in Papua New Guinea, a program manager in Ukraine, a hospital inspector in Egypt, a training advisor in Yemen, a diversity educator with Alberta Health Services, and a leadership development trainer in the jungles of Corporate Calgary.

His doctoral research focussed on how internationally trained medical graduates acculturate to Canada and he continues to work with universities and organizations to help bring out the best in internationally trained physicians.

In his role as Clinical Ethicist, Dr. Helgi Eyford works with patients and families from diverse populations as they sort through the decisions and options before them. He also works with physicians and nurses trained in other countries as they adapt to the culture of health care in Canada.

When he is not working as a clinical ethicist in a Calgary hospital, Dr. Helgi Eyford works with corporations, NGOs and universities to build diverse leadership teams. In this capacity he has come to be known as Dr. Diversity. He is available to do presentations, workshops, consulting and coaching.

Dr Helgi Eyford
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