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Employee Assistance 

The Proactive Wellness & Mental Health Service

with over 50% average engagement

With over 52% utilization, here's how we've become

Canada's most effective EAP


We Reach Out Proactively

We Use Only First-Rate Therapists

We Engage with Education

For employers wanting ACTIVE wellness support for their staff

Your people need health support. But your people don't use your EAP. When you aren't exactly sure what your problem is, you don't know where to start with finding a solution. Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, unfulfilled or uncomfortable aren't medical conditions with clear treatments. Yet they are some of the most common issue we hear about among groups of hard working young people. When our experienced therapists ask people good questions, we reveal the nature of their issues and can then line them up with perfectly matched supports and solutions. Being proactive and starting a lot of conversations is something traditional EAPs quite literally cannot afford to do. We are different.

How it Works

How It Works

We've made getting premium 1-on-1 support frictionless. Here's how it works:

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We launch it simply

We host a launch & learn. We send out the link. Opting in takes 15-20 seconds. 

A doctor/therapist talks with every user

We start the conversation via text message. We find out what kind of support each person would appreciate & match them with it

We support your People Team

We offer usage reports & insights after a month, quarterly and annually. We also offer regular wellness Lunch'n'learns

Our Happy Clients

“Our staff LOVE Recharge’s wellness trainings. They are awesome and engaging, full of practical insights that we can implement. We see consistently high participation”

Laura T, People & Culture, Flipp

Logos of clients including Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Herc rentals, Top Hap, Architech, Thescore, Vena, Soho VFX, Loblaw digital, Flipp

Full Spectrum Support 24/7

Mental Health

Support from world class financial planners, advisors and coaches

Physical Health

Support from world class financial planners, advisors and coaches

Financial Wellness

Support from world class financial planners, advisors and coaches

Social Well-being

Career coaching, relationship therapy

Ready to get more value from your EAP?

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