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We look forward to getting to know you. 

Any moment now, you'll get a text message to connect you with one of our brilliant doctors or therapists. If you'd like to explore wellness content, join as a site member from the Homepage.

What to Expect

We don't have a recipe.

We are a group of doctors and therapists that love what we do - solving problems and helping people. One of us is going to reach out to you and have a chat and try to get to know you. We want to find out what kinds of things you would want to improve about your health. This can be anything really. Once we have an idea of what you'd like to improve, we get to work finding expert providers who can help. We also look for resources that might be useful. 

We consider our service to be just like having a good caring friend who happens to be a well-connected therapist. Once you're connected with our team, we hope that you'll feel the same.  


Is this similar to the EAP I used to have? Not in the slightest. Ours is not a 'wait-until-you're-in-crisis' hotline. We are a team of doctors and therapists and health experts working to help you improve your life and health proactively - preventing any future crises.  ​ What kind of sessions are covered? We will match you with any health expert that could potentially help you - up to 6 people per issue.  ​ What isn't covered? If you'd like to work with any of our therapists or experts beyond the initial sessions we cover, you are welcome to continue booking with them. You'll be invoiced and can start using your benefits coverage.    If I need something, how do I request it? You can ask us anything anytime via your ongoing text message chat with your assigned therapist or doctor.  ​ Can spouses and children use it too? Absolutely. Just send us their name and phone number (with their permission of course) and we take it from there.

*If you don't receive a text message from us within an hour, send us an email and we'll get you up and going. 

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